E-commerce & distance selling law

E-commerce (“electronic commerce”) has become increasingly important in recent years. Both b2c (entrepreneur – private customer) and b2b (entrepreneur – entrepreneur) transactions have increased rapidly.

At the same time, European directives try to protect the consumer as far as possible and to unify the European market. Europe is coming? No, Europe has long since arrived! And it is getting bigger and bigger.
And worldwide distribution? This is also growing steadily, but there are many legal traps that the entrepreneur can fall into. Legal advice for companies is almost unavoidable if you want to participate fairly in the competition. Failure to do so may result not only in dissatisfied customers, but also in expensive warnings from other competitors.

The law of distance selling within Germany is regulated in the German Civil Code (BGB) and has a comprehensive scope of regulation in today’s daily life. Frequent points of dispute are the applicability, the information duties to be fulfilled, and above all the right of revocation and return.