LG Hanau: Even if there are errors in your own system: Within 24 hours, Telekom must restore a business connection!

What had happened? A Deutsche Telekom business customer was offered a change to a different rate and signed up. But when the verbally agreed discount was not granted after all, the order was immediately cancelled and the old contract was to continue. No problem at all? Unfortunately in the Telekom system it was: the online retailer suddenly had no Internet, no telephone, no fax. And then suddenly not even the dealer’s telephone number was working anymore. This was deleted, so that call forwarding no longer worked either. This was remedied by a temporary injunction obtained here, which ordered the Telekom to restore the connection within 24 hours.

The court stated: “The lack of availability of the applicant is not due to a disruption of the telephone network or damage to lines, but results from measures that are solely within the organization and responsibility of the defendant […]”. In fact, this is equivalent to a blocking pursuant to § 45k TKG. The amount in dispute was set at € 10,000 and imposed on Telekom.